Extremely Versatile Jewelry

Looking to get the most bang for your buck to update your look?   If buying a whole new wardrobe is not in the cards right now then what about a piece of jewelry that can be extremely versatile and transform multiple outfits.   Stella & Dot’s La Coco necklace consists of three pieces (1) double strand chunky necklace, (2) the Bloom Flower brooch and the (3) matching bracelet that can be used as an extender for $98.00 (comes in gold and silver).   You can wear the following looks: (1) attach the extender bracelet to make your necklace doubled and get a very chunky look or just a really long necklace, (2) wear the necklace with brooch and then the bracelet separately and (3) wear the brooch by itself as a statement piece

Starfish Brooch $44.00

Bee Brooch $39.00

.  That’s 4 different looks with 1 piece of jewelry.  Later when you want to spruce up the La Coco we have other brooches that can be purchased ala carte for under $50.

La Coco Necklace Silver w/Black Bloom Flower Brooch

La Coco Gold w/Ivory Bloom Flower Brooch


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