Got Inspiration?

This is such an inspiring video of Tysh Mefferd, Star Director with Stella & Dot.  Currently there are only 2 Star Directors in the company and there are a few more levels to be achieved above Start Director within Stella & Dot.  Tysh started less than 2 years ago and is now making close to $30,000 per month.  That is not a typo, she is receiving almost $30,000 per month.  Tysh has grown a team of over 1,000 strong in under 2 years.  So just think what she will be receiving monthly in 2 years from now.  There is no glass ceiling.  She is a dynamic leader and I had the opportunity to meet her this past July at Hoopla our national convention in San Francisco.   Tysh is my director and I am part of her team the Gem Fatales.

Tysh is such an inspiration because she is me she is you.  She didn’t know two years ago where she would go with Stella & Dot and her husband was not crazy about her joining.  But Tysh started her Stella & Dot career and she also invited her two sisters to join her which you see them in the video.  Christy and Ali are Directors within Stella & Dot and they are all amazing teachers on how to be the best stylist you can be.

I started my Stella & Dot career in December 2009 which was the best decision I have ever made.  My husband was not initially on board but he sees how happy I am and I love the jewelry.  My business started off doing good but after attending Hoopla this summer my business is now taking off.  I am about to be a Senior stylist and soon after believe that I will make Star Stylist.  Star Stylist makes between  $3,000 and $11,000 per month.  I believe that I am on my way to reach my initial goal of making between $3,000 and $5,000 per month very soon.  My team is growing and the girls on my team are fabulous.

Stella & Dot is such a young company and as of 2009 had grown over 700% per Inc. Magazine.  Inc. Magazine also has our CEO Jessica Herrin as # 67 for top entrepreneurs in the US.  Right now Stella & Dot has around 10,000 stylists within the US and Canada.  To give you a little perspective Mary Kay has 6.3 million representatives.  This is an incredible time to get involved with Stella & Dot because you can’t get any more ground floor than this.  So if you or someone you know needs a career change or want more out of life then let’s talk and see if Stella & Dot is a good fit for you.

This could be your story in a year or two.  I believe it will be my story soon!


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