Women Who Want to be Empowered; Apply Here!

Don’t you feel inspired after watching that video?  I sure do!  This past July I had the incredible pleasure of attending Hoopla, Stella & Dot’s national convention in San Francisco.  I had no idea that it would change my life personally as well as for my business.  I was a stay at home mom for 5 years and was yearning for more.  I joined S&D in December 2009 and felt like I had returned to myself somewhat.  S&D gave me a purpose to get dressed nice, put on some make up and stellar jewels.  Then after attending Hoopla I came home so recharged that my husband had noticed I was different.  S&D has not only helped me increase my family’s income but has also helped me to be me again.

At Stella & Dot we empower women to style their own lives.  We believe that every woman is strong, passionate and extraordinary.  The opportunity that S&D has before women right now is unmatched.   Whether you are looking to make a little extra money to cover some bills or you want to make lots of money this could be the opportunity for you.  Right now we have around 10,000 stylists between the US and Canada.  To give you a little perspective Mary Kay has 6.3 million representatives.  We are a young company with a ground floor business opportunity.

How many people do you know said that they wished that they had joined Avon or Mary Kay in the beginning?  I was one of them but I don’t have any regrets now because I have joined S&D and I am so excited to see where my journey continues to go with this awesome company.  I also love being able to wear fabulous jewelry every day.  Ladies are always commenting on how they love my jewelry and that makes me feel fabulous.

S&D is made up of stylists from attorneys, to an opera singer, flight attendants to teachers and more.  I was looking for more and found it with S&D.   Are you looking for more?  Do you want to be in the tribe?  Contact me or come visit me at one of my upcoming events and let’s talk about the S&D opportunity!

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