Morocco: Sophisticated Elegance!

The Casablance Bib Necklace is a naturally beautiful combination of wood and glass in hues of coffee and ivory.  Delicate, vintage ribbon tie closure for adjustable length.   Works well with  warm neutrals, biege, off-white, olive green, and oranges.  It also looks great over prints.

The trend for this season is ethnic bibs and tribal deco.  This is a wear now/wear later piece.  Wear now with an olive t-shirt, cream cardigan and skinny jeans, over a camel crewneck dress.  Wear later for chic summer look with a v neck sundress or a tank top and shorts.



Destination Morooco

Destination Morooco

Layering is a hot trend right now whether it is necklaces or like the bracelets above.  The above bracelet layering look is made up of the Revival Bracelet, Prosper Bracelet, Vintage Twist Bracelet (gold)Devi Bangles (gold), and Baby Flower Bangle.



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